The Copper Hen

It is finally March. We can see the end is near for winter up here in the frozen tundra. March also means it’s my birthday month. And I love me some birthday outings. My mom and I started an early celebration last weekend and my sister ended up driving three hours to surprise me for a full day of eating, shopping, and more eating! We started out eating brunch at The Copper Hen in Minneapolis. I don’t actually eat in Minneapolis much since I now live pretty far. But this place definitely was worth it.


The atmosphere was super cool! Make sure you call and get a reservations. It is small, but super cute. They also have a bar that I believe is open seating so if you don’t mind eating breakfast there, go for it! They also have an excellent bakery case in the front. If you need last minute cupcakes or pastries, definitely try it out!

Whenever I go downtown, I instantly have anxiety about where I’m going to park. No matter where you go, it’s always going to come up in conversation. The Copper Hen has either street parking or they have a parking lot right across the street that is free. So it’s the perfect storm for a perfect place to go. I also noticed some kids so even though it is downtown, for sure kid friendly for breakfast!


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